Production still from Open


Open (Live Virtual Prod)

Little Women (World Premiere)

Love & Information (Live Virtual Prod)

El Mauerkrankheit (World Premiere)

Some Assembly Required (World Premiere)

The Test (Reading)

Lunch To Go (World Premiere)

Unending Repetition

Indie Theatre 1-Minute Play Festival


Doubt: A Parable

The Tempest

The Magician

Beth March









Sister James


Party Claw Productions

Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre

Women's Theatre Festival NC

Wet Paint New Play Festival

New York Theater Festival

The Brick Theatre

Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Manhattan Repertory Theatre

New Ohio Theatre

TAMU-CC Seed Project

TAMU-CC Capstone

Dead Creek Theatre

dir. Sophie Sam

dir. Brooke Viegut

dir. Nathalie Tondeur

dir. Nicole Orabona

dir. Morgan Urbanovsky

dir. Christina Roussos

dir. Ita Korenzecher

dir. Anel Carmona

dir. Jaclyn Biskup

dir. Morgan Urbanovsky

dir. Eric Alvarado

dir. Daniel Anderson


INSTITUTION: A Rock Opera (Reading)

American Idiot

21 Chump Street: The Musical


R&H Cinderella

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown


Extraordinary Girl

Naomi Rodriguez

Female Lead (Morgan)

Queen Constantina

Lucy Van Pelt

Invited Industry Reading

JustArt Theatricals, LLC

TAMU-CC Short Play Festival

Harlingen Arts Theatre

TAMU-CC Opera Workshop

TAMU-CC Opera Workshop

dir. Ashley Kristeen Vega

dir. Aaron Bogad

dir. Ashley Kristeen Vega

dir. Kathy Eunice

dir. Cassi Torres

dir. Cassi Torres

Film & Voice Over


Well, Ashley... (Digital Series)+

Petunia's Playhouse (Digital Series)#@

Down To Earth*


Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man

This Sux!! (A Middle School Story)

Conversations in Apt 3A (Digital Series)

The Proposal

Good Enough

Timestorm - Rising Sun (v/o)

The Man Who Came To Dinner (v/o)


BA in Theatre - Acting/Directing Focus

Scene Study

Acting (Stanislavski, Meisner)

On-Camera Acting
Movement for the Actor

Lead - Laurie

Lead - Ashley

Supp - Ashley

Supp - Cynthia

Supp - Andria

Supp - MJ Watson

Lead - Victoria

Supp - Meagan

Lead - Katie

Lead - Natalie

Lead - Karaya

Lead - Lorraine Sheldon

Independent Film

Ahmnition Entertainment

Party Claw Productions

Brett Puglisi Productions

Hysterical Female Productions

After School Productions

Party Claw Productions

SAG/14 Productions

Independent Film


Cocotazo Media

Narada Radio Company

dir. Matt Encarnacao

dir. Elliot Stevens

dir. Laura Kay

dir. Brett Puglisi

dir. Parker Damm

dir. A. Joewono/K. Sitty

dir. Ashley Kristeen Vega

dir. Emily Cameron

dir. Paulina Knaak

dir. Dougie Ryan

dir. Claudio Venancio

dir. Pete Lutz

^ WINNER                     Best Thriller + Hollywood Premiere – Golden State Film Festival 2020

+ FINALIST                                     NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre 2020

# WINNER                                                        Award of Merit – Best Shorts Festival 2020

@ HONORABLE MENTION                                          Independent Shorts Awards LA 2020

* WINNER                            Best Mockumentary – KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival LA 2019

- OFFICIAL SELECTION                                                   The Sequestered Film Festival 2020

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (Summa Cum Laude)

Jaclyn Biskup (Difficult Women Scene Study, ongoing, 1+ year)

Kelly Russell, J. Don Luna

Alison Frost
Dr. Terry Lewis, Kelly Russell
Cassi Torres, Corey Everly, Matthew Shepard Smith
Jazz (MT, Fosse, Street), Ballet (Flat), Modern (Limón)

Special Skills

Dialects: General American, Coastal Southern, RP, Cockney | Concert, Marching, & World Percussionist

Directing + Dance Certification | Hosting | Hot Cheeto enthusiast | Great with kids & animals | Licensed Driver | US Passport

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